Thursday, January 31, 2013

SISTERS Opening at The Gateway Theatre!

We open on Friday! Here are some pix and a link to an article in The Province to give you some more insight into the show! For schedule and ticket info, please go to
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Sisters" Premieres at the Gateway Theatre

A little info on the show I am currently working on...

Cultures collide as Gateway Theatre’s Artistic Director Emeritus Simon Johnston places his version of Chekhov’s Three Sisters in a small garrison town in China in 1936. The world premiere of Sisters runs January 31 – February 16, 2013.

When the Tsar fell, General Protopov fled Russia for China and a job training Nationalist Chinese troops. After his death, only his children remain, rambling around a large and formerly grand house. His son has married a local girl, but two daughters Irena (Luisa Jojic) and Masha (Sarah Louise Turner) long to return to the remembered glamour of Moscow. But returning home may be an unattainable dream. Communist sentiment is on the rise and travel unsafe. Enter the dashing Captain Wong (John Ng). Although promised to one sister he’s intent on wooing the other, and offers his services as escort.

The sisters must band together with their Russian servant (Donna White) to preserve the crumbling house, while hopefully planning for the future. Their tasks are made difficult by a lack of funds and unlikable sister-in-law. A former servant, Natasha (Josette Jorge) is a staunch Communist with the ability to sniff out family secrets and use them to her advantage. When disaster strikes the village, only Natasha is poised to win a tug-of-war of epic proportions.

Director Sarah Rodgers leads a creative team including Set Designer Kevin McAllister, Costume Designer Carmen Alatorre, Lighting Designer Itai Erdal, Sound Designer Mike Rinaldi, and Stage Managers Lorilyn Parker and Yvonne Yip.

Go to for show schedule and ticket information!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Theatre Conspiracy Takes Obstructions By Storm

 Myself as Walmart employee, Karyzma
 Richard Newman as Jackson
 Mary Black as Maria
 Jeremy Waller as Ace
 Ed Goodine, Belinda Bruce, Jeremy Waller, myself, Steve Charles, Mike Kenney
 Myself and Jeremy Waller
Save More with Theatre Conspiracy at the Progress Lab last Saturday night met and overcame all the Obstructions they were given. It was an exciting project to be a part of, and I miss singing those songs already...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Currently in reahearsals with Theatre Conspiracy for the Obstructions project at the Progress Lab!


Following three sold-out iterations of the Hive party series, Vancouver’s Progress Lab network of indie theatre-makers comes together to test the theory that creativity feeds on limits.
Inspired in part by The Five Obstructions  by Jørgen Leth and Lars Von Trier, the core artists of each participating company will submit, a few at a time and under a cold spotlight, to a list of obstructions delivered by a shadowy emcee. The companies will then be commanded to create their next production around those limitations. The obstructions for each company have been developed in secret by their peers – a custom-designed set of obstacles that will prompt each artist to adapt to a new approach to making theatre. Their individual tendencies toward form, place, style, theme, design, period, story are exposed and obstructed, spilling the artist’s bag of tricks all over the stage and out of reach.


December 1, 2012 at 8 PM.  Doors (and bar) open at 7 PM.
Tickets  $ 16
NOTE: Use of nontoxic fog, loud music, and the word f-ck in the celebratory sense. Audience members are encouraged to drive to the show rather than walk, bike, or take transit.
LOCATION: PL1422, 1422 William Street, Vancouver, map link 
Theatre Conspiracy  received these Obstructions.
1) Cast of the piece must include at least one woman over the age of 60.
2) Theatre Conspiracy must create a romantic love story (without irony).
3) The subject matter of the piece must celebrate Walmart (without irony).
Extra: at each Obstructions show the next theatre company on the list receives their obstructions, delivered under a spotlight by a shadowy emcee. The Only Animal  is in the hot seat on November 24, and Electric Company Theatre  will get obstructed on Dec 1.
Tickets are available at

Come see Mary Black, Richard Newman, Jeremy Waller, Belinda Bruce and the amazing band rock it Saturday night!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're Open!

Chickens opened last night!  This is one fun, funny, sweet and sweaty show! Congrats and a big thank you to Sara-Jeanne Hosie, our director, Drew Facey, our set and costume designer, Lauchlin Johnstone, our lighting designer, musical director Danny Balkwill, sound designer Paul Tedeschini, and the rest of the cast.  Come visit us on the Island and see for yourself!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chickens at the Chemainus Theatre Festival!

The second week of rehearsals for Chickens at the Chemainus Theatre Festival is about to come to an end and I am having an amazing time with the fantastically talented cast!  Written by Vancouver playwright and actress Lucia Frangione, Chickens is a funny, whimsical, bluegrass/blues/country musical that opens on September 21st on Vancouver Island and runs until October 27th.  Visit for ticket and schedule info. Hope to see you here!

Friday, February 3, 2012

In Rehearsals for my Musical Theatre Debut!

I've started rehearsals for the rock n' roll musical, All Shook Up, which will be playing at the Chemainus Theatre Festival on Vancouver Island February 23rd till April 7th, and at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond from April 12th to the 28th. It's been nonstop singing and dancing for the last week with an insanely talented cast and I am having the time of my life! Come check out my musical theatre debut!